The Anaconda Distribution

by Ryan Wiles

Downloading Anaconda

Installation Instructions

Although the installation process is straight forward, if you feel the need to refer to the official installation instructions you can find the links below:

Download the Anaconda Installer

  1. Introduction - Continue
  2. Read Me - Continue
  3. License - Continue
  4. Destination Select - Install for me only - Continue
  5. Installation Type - “It’s not recommended that you change the install location” - Continue
  6. Install VSCode - “I’d recommend that you install VSCode if you don’t already have it. It’s actually a pretty good IDE, but I already have it installed” - Continue
  7. Summary - Complete

Note: Anaconda, by default only installs for the current user and adds itself to the beginning of your PATH in order to take precedence for commands. If you need to install for multiple users, there are instructions here.

Because Anaconda Navigator is installed as an application, but has dependencies on changes made to environment variables, you may need to reboot for everything to work properly.

Verifying Your Python Anaconda Environment is Set Up

$ which python

Verifying the Anaconda Installation

Anaconda Navigator

On both Windows and Mac OSX, the Anaconda installation should have installed a Anaconda Navigator application. Verify that it’s there and start it. After it’s started you should see something similar to the following:

Anaconda Navigator Jupyter Launch

Command Line

$ conda list | head -8 # Should output something similar to the following
# packages in environment at /Users/rwiles/anaconda3:
# Name                    Version                   Build  Channel
alabaster                 0.7.10           py36h174008c_0  
anaconda-client           1.6.14                   py36_0  
anaconda-navigator        1.8.7                    py36_0  
anaconda-project          0.8.2            py36h9ee5d53_0  
appnope                   0.1.0            py36hf537a9a_0

$ which python # Should now find Python in the Anaconda directory


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